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DEX is now an Oracle SRM Specialized Company

DEX is now an Oracle SRM Specialized Company

Social media has evolved tremendously in the past 5 years. Content is evolving, analytics is evolving and community management is now increasingly expected to show ROI. Don’t we all just love ROI?

Our audience are engaging on different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter – just to name the top few. However, focusing on a singular platform approach (i.e. social strategy = Facebook) tremendously narrows down your access to potential market.

Not to forget that each individual uses each platform for different purposes.

Good news is that brands are beginning to realize this and appreciate social as not just a singular platform but an ecosystem.

Therein lies the challenge.

Not many in this region are willing to dedicate a person to focus on social. So you have a problem. One multi-functional individual is expected to grow social while simultaneously grow PR and marketing. Even on the agency side, you’ll see that there is only so much one individual can manage – especially when you have multiple social platforms running multiple campaigns requiring multiple reports.

Something’s got to give eventually.

There are a few companies in this world that is trying to change that. Oracle is one of them where you are able to manage your content cohesively across multiple platforms while extracting data from your owned and earned media. The significant of this is that it allows the social media manager to now focus on not just the right metrics, but compare campaigns and approach to maximize ROI.

DEX is now an Oracle SRM Specialized Company. If you’d like to learn more, click here and also check out how we’ve managed to support some of our more innovative clients on social.