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Nestlé Breakfast Cereals: Koko Krunch bar

About This Project

A Childhood Favorite Makes a New Debut


The brown koala and his curved cereal has been an endearing memory for generations. The local campaign to launch Nestlé’s new Koko Krunch bar was entirely digital, relying on the reach of influencers, digital ad buys, and a good dose of nostalgia. Videos of influencers with their new breakfast-on-the-go took off and the campaign went viral, generating nostalgic empathy from the public who grew up eating the classic cereal. The Koko Krunch bar is new but also old, fresh but familiar, and to convey these sentiments required a balance of harking back to the good ol’ days and looking forward to the future. Influencers pulled their weight behind the campaign, bringing their kids into the frame or sharing childhood memories in social postings. Paid ads further boosted the viral success of the Koko Krunch bar.

Creative, Performance, Social