Marketing Automation – Where To Start

Marketing Automation – Where To Start

4 things to automate infographicMany of us lose the better part of our mornings to repetitive and tedious manual tasks that can’t be avoided (no matter how much we wish to). Tasks like filtering customer queries, replying to emails, publishing content on different platforms, and creating reports easily give way to a feeling of getting things done…without really getting things done.

Good news is, if it’s tedious, you can probably automate it.

Marketing automation is an expansive tool that you could spend years utilizing to full potential, but you really only need to automate a few basics to reap dramatic improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Why spend hours qualifying and segmenting leads when that time could be spent on the bigger picture – the more important processes that technology cannot yet replicate such as creative work?

Your best talents can’t be expected to come up with innovative new strategies when they regularly lose themselves in the mental drill of “getting things done” instead of having the space to think, dream, and explore.

These are the four processes to automate that are easiest and saves you tons of time. These four automation can be set up in no time and, if you wish, can be automated even further later on. Consider this a “Marketing Automation – Where To Start” cheat sheet.

1. Content distribution

Don’t waste time switching between platforms to promote a new piece of content. Ensure that content gets maximum engagement by automating notifications to newsletter or blog subscribers and instantly publish links to your new content on social channels.

2. Emails

Automation tools allow you to send personalized emails to large lists without having to edit word by word, image by image. You can set up autoresponders for emails that trigger certain criteria. If you really want to save time on client queries, you can even set up your inquiry form to collect information that will set off triggers for different autoresponders. Set and forget emails for reminders, recommendations, follow-ups, new subscriptions, and cart abandonment.

3. Lead management

You might have a whole sales team working on cold-calling and qualifying leads right now. Automation tools like Pardot scores and segments leads within its system based on established criteria, making your CRM process so much easier. Your sales team can focus on pursuing only warm leads with more accuracy.

4. Reporting

Avoid getting lost in the data. Automation tools slice and dice the data for you and compile these into custom reports, removing the possibility for human error that comes with a manual approach. They also provide invaluable information on your audience by tracking individual interactions with your emails and content.


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