DEX is now a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner

DEX is now a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner

You’re planning a trip to Bali. You go to your favorite booking site and search for flights and hotels but you can’t make up your mind. You decide to sleep on it.

The next day, you get an email reminding you about that hotel with the fantastic breakfast buffet and hotel room for two, two nights, 500 metres from the beach. It’s now on offer for 8% off the price, but only for another 24 hours. Your FOMO kicks in and you race to complete the booking before the deal expires.

Welcome to marketing automation.

It’s powerfully effective, it’s data-driven, and it personalizes the customer journey down to the individual level.

Building a 1:1 customer journey

Traditionally, when a person walks out of a retail shop without making a purchase, the brand loses a customer without the ability to connect with them after that. With today’s technology in marketing automation, brands and businesses can track a customer’s digital body language, right down to the products they are most interested in and until the moment they exit the online store.

With all that data and information, marketers can design the right customer journey and create personalized content to move potential customers through the sales funnel towards the end goal, ultimately converting into a sale. As we witness a shift in shopping patterns towards digital and online shopping, marketing automation is more relevant than ever and will continue to be the case for years to come.

Salesforce marketing automation platform

Salesforce, who is at the forefront of marketing technology, boasts a full suite of solutions for small to enterprise-level businesses, driving companies such as Schneider Electric and Amazon Web Services on their digital transformation journeys.

Marketing automation isn’t limited to email marketing. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud ecosystem also features a social media marketing tool on top of email marketing called Social Studio that consolidates all social platforms and processes, streamlining the work in addition to providing insightful analytics.

DEX is certified in Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Social Cloud solutions. If you’d like to learn more about how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can improve your marketing strategy, click here or contact us.