Carlsberg Cambodia

About This Project

Rethinking Carlsberg’s social approach


In the decade following the start of the Cambodian economic boom, alcohol consumption has also increased in parallel. Rising purchasing power and converging tastes are reflected by the exponential rise of alcohol advertising that are specifically aimed at Cambodians (a 164 percent increase in 2011). Cambodian men drink 3.5 litres more than the global average of annual alcohol consumption per capita, and 82 percent of Cambodians aged between 18-32 consume alcoholic beverages on a regular basis.

This translates into a still underdeveloped but high potential market. But Cambodia already has a thriving booze industry with strong homegrown brands. Carlsberg’s entry was not impossible but it was even more important to stand out with unique key messaging and to deliver it in a way that could engage audiences.

We gave Carlsberg Cambodia’s social presence a facelift by reapproaching their strategy on social media. Going with localized content was the best option, especially for a consumer beverage to relate to a heavily localized and culturally rich market. With this in mind, we set out creating localized social content for Carlsberg in Cambodia, where Facebook is the main source of news second only to TV, and artwork for various digital and on-ground activations such as contests and social events that showcase the spirit of the Carlsberg brand.

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