About This Project

B2C2C2B. Consumers & Businesses needs DHL


97% of businesses in Malaysia are SMEs and responsible for nearly 36% of the country’s GDP. As Malaysia continues to grow, DHL has constantly look for new ways to help small businesses to win.


With the advent of the digital economy, DHL understands that small is the new big. Greater knowledge and understanding of logistics can be accessed by these business owners through the right online channels in order to learn new ways to transform their business.


Our role was to support DHL in delivering the right content that can support the their SME / SMB customers. We are here to help them understand that even the largest logistics company in the world is evolving to serve them better in their business today.


We created a branded content video to showcase DHL’s expertise. We realized that a dedicated content funnel was needed to generate leads. For this purpose, we created a dedicated microsite to target SMEs with localized and specialized content that educates and guides e-commerce partners on solving their problems together with DHL. The website is the first and only SME website for DHL in the SEA region.

Consulting, Creative, Performance