About This Project

Helping Partners Thrive


Our work with IBM Singapore began with digital marketing workshops organized for their business partners. The intent was to have an early alignment from a strategic marketing point of view and also encourage the exploration of marketing campaigns driven by digital & social with IBM’s support. Business Partners of IBM were looking for ways for their solutions to reach their ideal audience. This would be a win-win for IBM and IBM Business Partners.


The B2B market takes a more cautious approach to digital marketing, especially since the conversion rates are slower than commercial businesses. We worked with IBM Business Partners to develop a set of streamlined content that would attract audience interest. Every Partner would have a different content strategy tailored to their respective needs as no one business was exactly alike. The goal was to generate potential leads for each campaign. The initiative saw IBM Business Partners taking the leap into digital strategies and subsequently gaining a higher return at the end of their campaign.


Today, IBM Singapore Partners have this “Digital First” mindset. Through incremental progress, DEX has become the go-to team that incorporates digital tactics into IBM Partners’ campaigns, events, and telemarketing initatives.

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