Nestlé Breakfast Cereals: Honey Stars

About This Project

Honey Stars Relaunches to Recapture Market Share


Honey Stars was losing market share to other brands in the Nestlé Breakfast Cereals portfolio (which includes Milo and Koko Krunch). A market survey was conducted that revealed consumers’ perception of Honey Stars as lacking the taste of honey. They also disliked the galaxy shape that replaced the original star shape. As a result, Honey Stars decided to relaunch the product with a refocused marketing strategy. The new packaging would highlight the honey ingredient and the return of the star shape. The campaign, called “Reach For the Stars”, reiterated Honey Stars’ brand belief of nurturing curious kids and encouraging them to explore their dreams and ambitions. The core of the campaign was a video contest for kids to show and tell what they want to be when they grow up. This was supported by awareness videos by two inspiring career influencers that contained a CTA to join the contest. Organic and paid product awareness postings further boosted the visibility of the product relaunch.

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