6 Important Statistics For Ramadan Marketing

6 Important Statistics For Ramadan Marketing

Last year, a study of millions of online transactions showed that Southeast Asia experienced a 52% sales uplift during Ramadan. Consumption starts to rise in the couple of weeks before Ramadan and continues upward throughout Ramadan. The highest uplift is seen 2-3 weeks before Eid-al-Fitr. Mobile and app purchases outperform desktop sales, a clear sign of which channel to prioritize.

criteo ramadan sales index 1



criteo ramadan sales index



Marketers have consistently spent more on marketing during Ramadan and data like this is making it easier to strategize ad spend for this period.

Here are 6 more key statistics that should inform how you spend your Ramadan budget.

6 important statistics for ramadan marketing

Data from iPrice and Google internal data


Online traffic surges at 5am – keep this in mind when placing ads. This presents a window of opportunity for advertisers to capture seasonal shoppers with Ramadan promotions. Avoid showing ads around 7pm, when people would put away their gadgets for iftar with the family.

Brands can increase ad spend on Youtube, especially targeting topics and channels related to recipe videos and spiritual content, both of which get higher search traffic during the holy month.

A staggering 71% of Malaysians surveyed said they intend to use an app for prayer reminders. Marketers can explore in-app advertising on Muslim apps as a viable targeting option for this market segment.

Your Ramadan marketing budget should have a heftier digital spend, bidding for ad slots at the times when Muslim consumers would be online to see and reaching them where they are spending their online activity.


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