Snapshot of Malaysian Telco Industry through Listening

Snapshot of Malaysian Telco Industry through Listening

6 months (Sept 16, 2016 – Feb 17, 2017)

If you are a curious consumer or media and follows the Malaysian telco scene, here are some observations of social data from the past 6 months (Sept16 – Feb17). The data here are extracted from mentions that are publicly available across social, forums, news & blogs . The colors represent the respective telco brands.

TelcoSnapshot-volumn TelcoSnapshot-shareofvoice

Celcom (58%) leads with the highest share of voice within this period of time followed by Digi (37%) & Maxis (5%). There were 2 significant spikes in Oct16, one being the iPhone 7 which continues to drive high interest in online conversations for Digi while Celcom’s First Gold Plan saw numerous interest coming from consumers.

Meanwhile in December up until January, Celcom’s #NoKelentong Xpax campaign showed that the market is extremely receptive to customized data plans that are suited for a young and data-hungry market. This could potentially pave the way for greater uptake of offpeak data plans signaling that telcos should take advantage of a rising hyper-connected generation. You can see the ripple effect of the power of telcos here where they are able to shape data consumption behavior and ultimately entertainment consumerism as well since an offpeak data consumption habit will impact social media time, video streaming and ultimately online commerce.

TelcoSnapshot-TopSources.jpg TelcoSnapshot-IntenttoSwitch TelcoSnapshot-TopThemes

Lowyat continues to be the top source of information for telco-seeking consumers followed by The Star and technave. Value-seeking continues to be top topics where mobile plans, call-related topics, internet access and network quality are discussed. iPhone is still the go-to aspirational smartphone as compared to all other handhelds. This provides a tremendous amount of opportunity for other smartphone brands to work hand-in-hand with telcos as these other brands have yet to achieve the level of talkability that iPhone has. Not surprisingly, customer-related topics continue to plague the Malaysian telcos with service and contracts being some of the key discussion points.

Intent to switch
Bear in mind that intent to switch could be switch-to or switch-out. In this regard, Digi has been mentioned mentioned most when it comes to discussion on intent to switch. While most people would think that this is bad, on the contrary we’ve found that most discussions are centered around switching to Digi instead of switching out of Digi. Notable reasons include but not limited to good plans and customer service though most would mention that Digi’s line is slower as compared to the rest.

For Celcom, which came in second for intent to switch volume of mentions, notable strengths are coverage and free data. Again, the #NoKelentong campaign seems to have caught on well with majority of the consumers. Last but not least, Maxis’ notable mentions include high price points though there was recognition that in areas where Maxis is available, network strength is generally good. Interesting to see that a Digi seems to be the main beneficiary of people porting out of Maxis while those porting out of Digi would normally consider Celcom.

TelcoSnapshot-ThoughtLeadership TelcoSnapshot-TopHashtags TelcoSnapshot-Gender

In the same pool of data, Celcom leads when it come to thought leadership where CEO Michael Kuehner was mentioned 90 times while Digi’s Albern Murty was mentioned 77 times followed by Maxis’ Morten Lundal at 20 times.

Top hashtags for the same period were dominated by Celcom with #NoKelentong taking no.1 among all others.

Among male and female, Celcom took the highest number of females while among males, Maxis leads.